Jul 30, 2009

Pre-Orders BATCH AUGUST 2009

Hi Crocskeys;

PRE-ORDERS for BATCH AUGUST 2009 is closing on

6th August 2009 @ 5.00 pm.
Full catalog will be released soon.
For quick preview of price range, pls visit:
1. Model: Malindi
2. Model: Olivia
3. Prima & Patricia
4. OffRoad, Ace Boating, Ace Golf
5. CROCS Bags
6. Original Jibbitz - Flower Series
7. Original Jibbitz - Insect & Butterfly Series
8. Original Jibbitz - Cartoon Characters series

xoxo shoppers.connected @ C.R.O.C.S Connected

Jul 21, 2009


Hi Crocskeys;

PRE-ORDERS for BATCH JULY 2009 were closed on

7th July 2009 @ 5.00 pm.

Thanks for all your support.

Look out for upcoming PRE-ORDERS....

shoppers.connected @ C.R.O.C.S Connected

Jul 6, 2009

Crocs-Connected Starts Connecting

Attention all crocskeys...

For all crocskeys out there, let's get even more connected with CROCS by enhancing your CROCS footwear wardrobe.

We offer you authentic Crocs footwear at unbelievable discounted prices.
Items will be ordered straight from factory based on custom orders only. Thus only PRE-ORDERS are available at the moment.

Motivating comments are appreciated.We are improving to provide you better services with quality products in the future.

So get connected with your Crocs TODAY...

Happy Crocs Connecting...